Santa Maria la Menor

First Catedral of New World, located short distance from Hispaniola Spanish Language School More »

Orphanage Centro Roberto

Students visiting the orphanage in Boya, Dominican Republic with Hispaniola Spanish Language School More »

Palacio Nacional

Visit to National House, where President of Republic lives More »

Santa Maria la Menor

Night view of the beautiful cathedral More »

Hispaniola Spanish Language School

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Reloj del Sol

Sundial from the time of the Spanish Colony. It is a fine show in Plaza de España More »

An hidden secret in Dominican Republic. More »

One of the best beaches in Dominican Republic and in the world. More »


Take advantage of several exciting offers to learn Spanish offered by Hispaniola School

With the increasing demand of foreign languages, are receiving a lot of interest from a large segment of the world population. Spanish is spoken throughout the world. Leading the pace of several language schools in the Dominican Republic is Hispaniola Spanish language with its modern participative method combining tourism and Spanish immersion Courses. Dominican Republic is a beautiful country situated in the center of Caribbean. The school is located in Santo Domingo, capital of Dominican Republic. The school offers courses from January to November. The teaching staff is highly talented, young and well trained using the latest teaching techniques.
We take great pleasure to inform that the school is currently providing many special offers. Now you can also learn Spanish online. At first you will be offered a trial of five hours and that is for free. You can try these courses and take the time to decide if you really want to join these courses or not. If it sounds interesting then you can join us simply through our web site. We are eagerly waiting to have you as a part of our organization. You do not have to follow any complicated and lengthy procedures. Just fill a simple form and give some basic personal details including contact address and some others. Submit all your queries and you will get the reply within forty-eight hours.

Next is the Haitian-Creole course which is a language program for the candidates who are interested to learn the Haitian-Creole language in detail. Under this special course, the students of all levels-beginning, intermediate and advanced, can join the course and learn Haitian Creole. The teaching practice involves theoretical learning, exercise books and practicing oral language skills. The crash course is very easy and adaptable but one on one and usual and structured practice of language will also be necessary for the perfection of speaking skills.
These two mentioned courses are part of an ample choice for the students seeking Spanish language abroad courses. You can explore our website further about our other specialty Spanish Courses..

In spite of providing so many offers the prices are very affordable. Detailed pricing is provided in the website. The prices cover fees of selected language courses, study material, tuition fees (if any). Accommodations are listed separately with several plans available in apartments, hotels or in families according to your preferences. You won’t believe but it’s true. All these facilities are available at a very reasonable prices. Certain offers are time limited and for new admissions only until the promotion is removed from the site. Those taking advantage of promotions are required to mention it at the time of registration. So, if you have made up your mind and have thought of taking a Spanish Course right now, click on the site and fill a simple form and we will answer any queries on your your mind.

Hispaniola School in Santo Domingo is the most happening place where you will never feel bored. We give our commitment to make your experience most productive, enjoyable and memorable.