Santa Maria la Menor

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Orphanage Centro Roberto

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Palacio Nacional

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Santa Maria la Menor

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Hispaniola Spanish Language School

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Reloj del Sol

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Spanish Test

Spanish Test

Our courses cover: Communicative Tasks, Group Work, and dramatization

Grammatical Competence

You may evaluate yourself according to the following description and then try the test. We will notify you within a couple of days whether or not you qualify to apply at this level via e-mail with the correct answers and a brief evaluation. Please note that you can fill just one level per day. If you wish to be evaluated for another level please visit us tomorrow.

1 – Principiante (Beginner)

No knowledge of Spanish, maybe some words or expressions but doesn’t understand who is speaking.  [ Try the test ]

2 – Elemental (Elementary)

Primitive communication based on simple structures and on a very restricted dictionary. Strong limitation of daily situations. [ Try the test ]

3 – Intermedio A (Intermediate A)

Live participation to simple conversations about several arguments using base grammar structures and a simple but correct dictionary. Good comprehension of a communication if it is slow and clear. [ Try the test ]

4 – Intermedio B (Intermediate B)

Better control of structures and sporadic dictionary of common use. Errors are frequent but comprehension of the language is good and the speech is quick. [ Try the test ]

5 – Intermedio C (Intermediate C)

Good choice of structures, used with accuracy and naturally. Dictionary and comprehension are good but some errors are repeated.[ Try the test ]

6 - Perfeccionamiento (Perfecting)

Very good communication accurately using grammar and syntactic structures. Speech can be directed over very different arguments using a proper dictionary and an idiomatic language.

Try one of the 3 tests:

Avanzado A (Advanced A) [ Try the test ]

Avanzado B (Advanced B) [ Try the test ]

Avanzado C (Advanced C) [ Try the test ]