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Spanish Language School Hispaniola

Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish: Courses and education programs at Hispaniola Spanish Language School


Spanish Language School Hispaniola  : room 1

Our teaching method takes full account of modern didactics and is oriented toward the “Foreign Language Concept of the Council of Europe”, observing all instructions that the Real Academia de la Lengua recommends. We use the Direct Method and at school, like during free time, as spoken language is emphasized from the first day on. At all levels, only Spanish will be spoken.

Hispaniola Spanish Language School emphasize the spoken language and live language. Continually stressing the use of verbal communication permits you to learn Spanish  “naturally”, to unite theory and practice easily and to increase your knowledge quickly and with confidence. The structure of the language and its practical application is very important. Advanced courses also practice the written language.

Most of the teaching material has been developed by our schools and is excellently suited to the needs and requirements of the students.

But learning Spanish does not consist, for us at the Hispaniola Spanish Language School, in just teaching grammar and vocabulary. We want to allow our students to gain insight into the Dominican way of living and thinking. That is why we offer, in addition to the language courses, Dominican culture extracurricular activities for our students.


All Hispaniola Spanish Language School teachers are young university graduates who have been specially trained and who are regularly upgrading their skills. The enthusiasm and the gift of communication that Dominican people have naturally is emphasized in our Teachers so as the classes never become boring.

Spanish Language and Other Courses

We do offer a variety of courses, spanish and haitian-creole languages, in different formats to meet all needs/wishes. We also  offer cultural, cooking, medical..and much more. We update our informations and offers very stay up-to-date please join our Facebook Page

First day of school 

On the first school day there is an entry test (written and oral), testing the student’s knowledge of the Spanish language.

Levels of ability

1. Principiante: No knowledge of Spanish except perhaps a few words or expressions. No comprehension of the spoken language.

2. Elemental: Very basic communication skills based on simple structures and a very narrow vocabulary. Strong communicative limitations in everyday situations.

3. Intermedio A: Can participate in simple conversations on some topics using basic grammatical structures and a simple but correct vocabulary. Good comprehension of the language if spoken slowly and clearly.

4. Intermedio B: Better control of structures and practical, common vocabulary. Errors are frequent, but comprehension of the language is good and the speech is quick.

5 . Avanzado: Good choice of structures used with accuracy and naturally. Vocabulary and comprehension are good, but some errors are repeated.

6-7 -8.  Perfeccionamiento  (I, II and III): Very good communication skills, accurately using grammar and syntactic structures. Speech can be directed over a wide range of topics using a proper vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.  Still imperfections may happen.


Estimated Level Equivalencies Chart  

Spanish Language School

Books and teaching material

Study material is included in the course price and presented to the students at the beginning of the course and during the class in the form of practical activities and exercises as a natural extension of the text books. The school has a library of text books, grammar, reading, learning activities, literature (Dominican, Hispanic and Spanish). You are expected to bring your own dictionary.


The duration of each lesson is 50 minutes.

Certificate of attendance

At the end of the course all students receive, on request, a Certificate of Attendance.

spanish language school

Hispaniola Spanish Language School certifications

Our teachers will be checking on your progress continuously during your course and will discuss with you any particular difficulties which arise in the teaching program. At the end of each course and each level, your progress will be assessed with a written test.
Your studies at Hispaniola School can be concluded with the following diplomas and examinations:
Diploma basico de Dominio de la Lengua – On request at the end of the 3th level
Diploma de Dominio de la Lengua – On request at the end of the 6th level
Diploma Idioma Español – On request at the end of the 6th level and after an examination

Minimum admission age

The minimum age for a participant who comes alone is 18 years. We can accept younger teen-agers if they come and stay under the supervision of one of their parents. See  general policies