Santa Maria la Menor

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Orphanage Centro Roberto

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Palacio Nacional

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Santa Maria la Menor

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Hispaniola Spanish Language School

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Reloj del Sol

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Hispaniola Spanish Language School Santo Domingo

Hispaniola Spanish Language School


Hispaniola Spanish Language School Santo Domingo offers Spanish Language courses from January to November in  the Capital of Dominican Republic.

In the heart of the Caribbean, bathed by the waters of the Atlantic on the north coast and by the impetuous Caribbean Sea to the south, there is a peaceful and beautiful country, the Dominican Republic.

Hispaniola Spanish Language School

Hispaniola Spanish Language School


The Island of Quisqueya (according to Indios Tainos) or Española (according to Spanish conquerors) or, finally, Hispaniola (according to British and US ancient diplomacy) is shared by Dominican Republic (occupying an area of 77,914 square km) and Haiti (48,442 km2).

The Dominican Republic constitutes two thirds of the island while Frenchspeaking Haiti covers the western third. The capital of the Republic is Santo Domingo de Guzman, and so great is its influence that the entire country is often called Santo Domingo.

Santo Domingo the capital is the busiest and most attractive city of the Republic, offering all the amenities that visitors and residents may need. Santo Domingo is home to the country’s best clubs and restaurants, best services and best prices, as well as the majority of the population. More than three million inhabitants, out of the country’s total of little more than six million, live in the capital. Santo Domingo offers athletic facilities, universities, government offices, banks and financial establishments, embassies, investment advisers, cultural centers, museums, theatres… A bustling nightlife with many hotels, casinos, nightclubs, discotheques and lets not forget the culinary experience that awaits you…..and, of course, the magnificent Colonial area, which UNESCO has declared a “World Heritage Site”. where our Hispaniola Spanish Language is located.



Zona Colonial (in Spanish it is called Zona Colonial or Ciudad Colonial, also known in years past as Nueva Isabella, Ciudad Trujillo and Santo Domingo), the oldest constantly inhabited city in all of “The Americas”, claims to the first cathedral, monastery, university, customs house and hospital in the “New World”. There are over three hundred pieces if history including the monuments, homes, streets and churches. So, come and visit Zona Colonial museums, forts and historical buildings dating back to the time of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in 1492. But now the “Zone” successfully blends the old and the new in a way like no other place can. There is  a wide variety of restaurants offering many culinary styles that are sure to please any palate. Also: a wide variety of nightlife, clubs with many different music styles for young and old alike.Last but not least: if you want to relax after your Spanish Language Lessons, just sit in one of our many parks and people watch while enjoying the soft Caribbean breeze.

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