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Santa Maria la Menor

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Learn Spanish Language OnLine


On Line format

Spanish Language School Online

Starting dates: every weekday
Duration: min 10 hours
Lessons: 1 to 2 per day, 5 to 10 per week. Schedule is decided  between secretariat and student but we stronghly suggest no more than 2 hour per session.
Skill levels: from the 1st ability level to 5th (any level is dividen into 3 sublevels: A, B and C).
Class size: one
Price: Please ask for quote
Requisits: ADSL internet connection, webcam and microphone, Skype  installed (download it here)

Special spanish language online course divided into 5  levels that match normal lessons one. Each  level is divided into 3 sub-levels: 2 theorical and 1 practical (A, B and C). Any sub-level lasts 10 hours (each hour = 60 minutes). It is directed to all people who, for any reason, are unable to travel to Santo Domingo to join us but still want to learn spanish. Fast, Easy, Funny. The course is held all year around, starting any working day of the week, 1-2 hours per day, minimum 1 sub-level (10 hours).spanish language school online

This spanish language online course is organized on a one-to-one student/teacher ratio and a personalized schedule. Any student may decide how many hours per day, how many days per week, how many weeks he or she wants to study. The maximum is 150 hours (15 levels). To enroll in this course, the student needs a fast internet connection, webcam and microphone as well as  Skype  installed (download it here),

Starting dates and schedule are custom and arranged between school and student with a minimum pre-enrollment of 2 weeks. You can have a 1-hour free trial clicking here


Check here the 5 levels goals of this spanish language online program:


• Greetings and farewells

• Asking for and giving personal informationLearn Spanish OnLine

• Introduce hime/herself

• Describe

• Speaking in present tense


• Counting and recounting actions

• Expressing likes and dislikes

• Expressing agreement and disagreement

• Recognize differences between adjectives and demonstrative pronouns

• Talking about future situations

• Learn to identify situations expressed in “pretérito imperfecto e indefinido”.

learn spanish language online


• Use past tensees to express ideas

• Identify and use conditional sentences

• Express tastes and preferences in leisure activities

• Uses most important prepositions

• Analyze position in society .


 • Expressing habitual actions and eating habits

• Sort and express mandate

• Talk about national and international issues

• express ideas and opinions from the social point of view economic and cultural

• Write notes or messages, transmit what others say

• Identify the difference between impersonal sentences with subjunctive and imperative .

 LEVEL Vstudy spanish language online

• Expanding the use of conditional particles

• Read and analyze newspaper articles

• Expressing necessity and convenience

• Provide advice and recommendations

• Know how to express agreement, disagreement and doubt to opinions.

• Talking about the current situation in his/her country

This Spanish Language Online Course has been buit as an effective, easy, complete key to successful Spanish Language learning, by practicing with a native speaker Online, a real mother language teacher.

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