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Orphanage Centro Roberto

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Santa Maria la Menor

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Hispaniola Spanish Language School

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Reloj del Sol

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Spanish Language Family Program

Starting dates: Every Monday on any month (accommodation starts on sunday)
Duration:  2 weeks
Lessons4 per day, 20 per week (special lessons for kids 13 y/o or younger: first part in class. Second part going around doing funny stuff).
Skill levels: on all 8 ability levels
Class sizemaximum 8 participants in each class

Special course divided into 2 weeks  and directed to families that wish to have some  fun mixed with cultural and learning experience. And, of course, stay together. In this 2-weeks program everyday is a discover day: spanish lessons, cultural excursions and funny activities. For 13 y/o or younger friends learning process will be special, with special activities.  The program is held all year around, starting any Monday on any month (accommodation starts on sunday)

Dominican Republic

Spanish Language School: First day all students will be asked to take a placement test to evaluate their spanish level and introduce them in the correct level. After that they will receive class monday to friday with the following schedule:

08:30 to 10:30 Theoretical Lessons,
10:30 to 11:00 Coffee Break,
11:00 to 12: 30 Practical Lessons
(In holiday days normally we will give standard lessons 9:00 to 12:00. When this won’t be possible, lessons will take re-place the nearest Saturday 9:00 to 12:00 or in afternoon time. Students will be promptly informed).

Hispaniola Spanish Language School

Hispaniola Spanish Language School

Cultural Activities: In afternoon and evening time, and on wednesday mornings too, lots of actitivities are scheduled: from walking excursions to museum and guided visit to several amenities.  We also included social activities every other day accompanied by the one of the teachers with 2 ways transportation.

Hispaniola Spanish Language School

Beach Resort: An entire week-end (3 night/2 days) stay in one Dominican Beach with all inclusive plan and with 2 ways transportation is also included. One big room for the entire family

Free Time and Activities: We do not forget to leave some free time, where family can have their own time or just to rest because our schedule is full of interesting activities as, for example:

  • A visit to Zona Colonial, Leave at 2 from school finish at 5 at school. We will see all the 1st of new world.
  • The opportunity to recreate the origins of quality chocolate in a fun and educational way. From the sowing of a cacao plant to the irresistible and delicious “food of the Gods” itself!
  • Magnificent Botanical Garden with all creoles species of Hispaniola. Also a Japanese garden is presented. One of the best spot in Santo Domingo: a colorful and relax afternoon
  • Water Park in Santo Domingo.
  • Ocean World: not a standard marine park where guests simply observe the animal life. It is however a park that emphasizes the interaction between guests and marine animals through interactive programs.
  • ..and much more..all included with 2-way transportation and guide.

Accommodation: In a private apartment with kitchnette, very close to the school.

Hispaniola Spanish School Host Family: just another family


  • 2 Adults and 1 Kid   US$6100
  • 2 Adults and 2 Kids US$7400
  • 2 Adults and 3 Kids US$8400
  • for different combination or schedule please contact us

Fee Includes

  • airport pick-up and drop-off
  • spanish language course
  • all activities in the program with 2 way transportation
  • all excursions  in the program with 2 way transportation
  • week-end to Beach Resort with all inclusive plan (sharing 1 room for all family) and 2 ways transportation
  • accommodation in hosting family in shared room with 2 meals per day
  • baby sitting on Thursday evenings
  • Welcome Pizza, Farewell Dinner and a dinner for parents alone.

Fee Doesn’t Include

  • transportation school-accommodation and back
  • transportation school-meeting point and back (when activities and in the week-end’s travels)
  • tips
  • activities and/or transportation on free hours
  • anything not specified on “Fee Includes

Dominican Republic is magic…

Schedule (click to enlarge)

2-weeks schedule for Family Program

2-weeks schedule for Family Program

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