Santa Maria la Menor

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Santa Maria la Menor

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Hispaniola Spanish Language School

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School Policies

School Policies

1. Every first day of any level, the teacher will ask you the invoice of payment: w/out the invoice student won’t be admitted in the classroom.

2. Lessons are from 8:30 to 12:30 with a half-hour break from 10:30 to 11:00.

3. 8:30 to 10:30 is for grammar, 11:00 to 12:30 for conversation.

4. Intensives classes are taught in the afternoon between 1:00 and 4:00.(teacher will communicate the exact time).

5. The course must be started on the scheduled dates/hour.

6. No refund for delayed start or early departure.

7. Smoking is not allowed at school. Special smoking area is available.

8. It is forbidden to use the furnishings in an irresponsible manner, to put one’s feet on the walls, etc.

9. When using the bathroom, please don’t put any toilet paper or other objects into the toilet—instead, use the wastebaskets provided. (This is common policy throughout the Dominican Republic, for the country’s septic systems and water cleaning facilities cannot handle paper and bulk objects.)


10.1. Please only use the cups provided.

10.2. Filling bottles is not allowed.


11.1. Use of the internet is free for students during the hours the school is open.

11.2. Downloading documents or installing programs is not allowed.

11.3. Internet use is limited to research and mail.

11.4. It is strictly forbidden to connect or disconnect devices and/or cables to these computers

11.5. It is strictly forbidden to start-up computers. Please ask secretariat to do it.


12.1. Textbooks are included in the course fees and will be passed out by the teachers on the first day of school.

12.2. Textbooks are not for sale; each student will receive one book.


13.1. Any outstanding balance must be paid in full the first day of school.

13.2. Payments made with a credit card will be charged a 2% handling fee.


14.1. Cancellations do not entitle you to any refund.


15.1. Any changes can be requested/examined with the secretary within the first 3 days of arrival.

15.2. When a reasonable request is made, the secretary will provide an equivalent alternative.

15.3. In some cases, a US$30 handling fee will be charged.

15.4. Changes at a later date (after 3 days) are not permitted.

15.5. Regardless of what has been negotiated between the secretary and the student, students who make changes are never entitled to any monetary refund.


16.1. In case of a complaint, please ask one of the teachers or the secretary for a complaint form (see the published rules about complaints).


17.1. Students are not insured against illness, accidents, theft, or loss of personal goods. We therefore recommend taking out a personal insurance policy.

17.2. The school is not ever to be considered responsible for illness, accidents, theft, or loss of personal goods.

17.3. In case of emergency (fire, earthquake, hurricane, etc), please follow the instructions of the teachers/secretary.

17.4. There is a first-aid kit, but note that the school is not responsible for any allergic reaction to medications used.

18. All students are responsible for helping to keep the school, classrooms, and furnishings clean.

19. In case of damage caused by a student, the school will charge the expenses to the responsible party.

20. The use or sale of illegal drugs is absolutely forbidden.

21. These policies are applicable and mandatory for any and all persons who enter the school.

22. If the rules are broken, the student can be expelled without a reimbursement and might call for police intervention.

23. The Academy reserves the right to change programs and prices as necessary.