Santa Maria la Menor

First Catedral of New World, located short distance from Hispaniola Spanish Language School More »

Orphanage Centro Roberto

Students visiting the orphanage in Boya, Dominican Republic with Hispaniola Spanish Language School More »

Palacio Nacional

Visit to National House, where President of Republic lives More »

Santa Maria la Menor

Night view of the beautiful cathedral More »

Hispaniola Spanish Language School

Coffee break at Hispaniola Spanish Language School More »

Reloj del Sol

Sundial from the time of the Spanish Colony. It is a fine show in Plaza de España More »

An hidden secret in Dominican Republic. More »

One of the best beaches in Dominican Republic and in the world. More »


The Courses – P5 & P10 EXTENSIONS


Starting dates: every 2 weeks
Duration: from 2 to 16 weeks
Lessons: 4 lessons (1 lesson=50 minutes) of group language course plus 1 or 2 lessons of private tutoring per day, 25 or 30 per week
Tutoring: on all 6 ability levels
Class size: maximum 8 participants in the group language course; 1 participant in the private lessons
Note: available only as an extension of Standard Course

The Intensive Plus Course consists of the Standard Course plus additional private lessons (one-to-one). The individual lessons are specifically designed for your special needs. We offer two kinds of Intensive Plus Courses:

Intensive P-5 Course: 20 lessons of Standard Course and additional 5 private lessons per week;

Intensive P-10 Course: 20 lessons of Standard Course and additional 10 private lessons per week;