Santa Maria la Menor

First Catedral of New World, located short distance from Hispaniola Spanish Language School More »

Orphanage Centro Roberto

Students visiting the orphanage in Boya, Dominican Republic with Hispaniola Spanish Language School More »

Palacio Nacional

Visit to National House, where President of Republic lives More »

Santa Maria la Menor

Night view of the beautiful cathedral More »

Hispaniola Spanish Language School

Coffee break at Hispaniola Spanish Language School More »

Reloj del Sol

Sundial from the time of the Spanish Colony. It is a fine show in Plaza de España More »

An hidden secret in Dominican Republic. More »

One of the best beaches in Dominican Republic and in the world. More »


The Courses – Long Term Standard Course

Starting dates: every Monday
Duration: minimum 10 weeks
Lessons: 4 per day, 20 per week, each lesson = 50 minutes
Skill levels: all 8 ability levels
Extras: Special long-term discount

Students wishing to study Spanish for longer periods are especially welcome at our schools and receive special care and attention from our staff, as well as benefiting from our long-term discounted prices. With this course, students profit from all the advantages of learning a language in the country where it is spoken. Through our experience in teaching the Spanish language, we know that the ideal minimum stay for a course is 10 weeks. Not only you will have more confidence in your language skills, but instead of feeling like you are on holiday, you will be completely immersed in the Spanish culture and way of life. Many of our long-term students are preparing to enter university or rounding off their Spanish Long-Term Standard Course with a recognized examination.