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Santa Maria la Menor

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Host-Family Accommodation


1. Meals.
Are not included in the price. For half or full board you can make an arrangement with the school secretary
The D.R. has a rich tradition of food. Expect Dominican food. Families are open to requests. Please try to remain culturally sensitive while making them.

2. Use of Living Room.
This room is used to receive visitors and generally not to take naps. Please refrain from lying or sleeping on the sofa.

3. Use of Kitchen.
All families are aware that you might want to use the kitchen for simple stuff. You can use it for a maximum of 20 minutes. While doing so, keep it clean.

4. Clothing.
“Modest” is a good word to describe the clothing which should be worn in the house. No students should go shirtless and all should observe the “shoe policy” in the home.

5. Entrances.
Dominicans are often very concerned with home security. Please make sure that doors and gates are closed and locked according to the family’s wishes.

6. Energy and Water.
Both are precious commodities in Dominican Republic. Please turn off everything when not in use.

7. Telephone.
Students are allowed to use the phone. When they do, local calls should be no longer than 3 minutes. Long distance only made collect with a phone card or in a telephone center.
Please use discretion when giving your phone number to new acquaintances. Ask the family about the phone policies and tell your friends not to call after 21:30.

8. Alcohol.
Use of alcohol is prohibited in the homes unless offered by a family member. As well it is considered distasteful to return home intoxicated.

9. Out of Home.
Please keep your family informed of your schedule. This includes classes and planned/extracurricular activities. Spending the night away from the home is only acceptable if the family has been previously informed.

10. Visitors.
Family must consent to the visits of classmates. This might entail providing the family with the phone number and address of new friends so they can be verified prior to the visit. It is always forbidden to receive visit of just-made friends.

11. Use of Toilet.
The sewer system in Santo Domingo is not strong enough to process toilet paper. Therefore small garbage cans are found next to every toilet for toilet paper.

12. Cleaning.
Once in a week the room will be cleaned. Maintain room ordered and cleaned during the week is a must-do for any single student to avoid the possibility of rats, mice or any other pests.

13. Laundry.
Once in a week. Family will communicate place and hours to place clothes.

14. Settlement days
4 days (including arrival day) time to ask for changes. After this time no changes are allowed for any reasons.

15. Validity
To remain in the hosting family means acceptance of all the policies, no matter if signed or not.

16. Refunds
There are no refunds for any reasons at any time in any case.

Not considering each and all of the rules above mentioned may cause expelling the student without reimbursement of the fees collected.