Santa Maria la Menor

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Orphanage Centro Roberto

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Palacio Nacional

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Santa Maria la Menor

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Hispaniola Spanish Language School

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Reloj del Sol

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The greatest thing about Spanish language is that it is easy to learn, has immense flow and is rich in such cultural nuances as can be mastered easily by any outsider. It does not mean that it lacks depth and profundity. In fact at an advanced level Spanish language can compete with any language in the world as far as richness and complexity are concerned.

Keeping the above thought in mind we, the professionals at Hispaniola Spanish language school have divided our course structure into different levels of ability for the convenience of our students. This has been done keeping in view the varied needs of professionals/students from around the word. Our ability levels range from cursory knowledge of the Spanish language to a high level of mastery in it. Our dedicated teachers ensure that our students grasp the gist of the language and even become conversant with the subtle pronunciation and grammatical differences. In fact, division of course structure according to the abilities and needs of the students is what is advocated by linguists all over the world.

At the very outset we acquaint our students with the complete course syllabus as well as the study material required. All this is included in the price of a particular course. No kind of additional money is ever demanded by our professionals. Our course fee also includes the expenses as far as the practical activities and cultural gatherings are concerned. In addition to this we also have a well-equipped library that takes care of every query and difficulty of the students at every stage of learning. Numerous books ranging from language acquisition, grammar to literature and general reading are readily provided to the students to make their Spanish language abroad experience an enriching one.

Sometimes, a certificate of attendance is compulsory required at certain places. If a student wants such a certificate we provide him with a well-framed certificate that holds legality in every part of the world. For this purpose we have limited the age of a student to 18 years who is desirous of attending the course by himself. In case a minor wants to learn Spanish and stay with one of his/her parents at the school, we can issue such a certificate to him/her also.

All the more we also ensure that every student of ours (minor or adult) is able to partake of the rich cultural variety that the city has to offer. Whether it’s a trip to the ‘Boca Chica’ beach or an incursion to the allures of the Caribbean nights, everything is arranged by our dynamic school secretary. For exceptional students, who are desirous of exploring Spanish culture to the extreme, special crash courses in Latin-American dance, cooking etc. can be arranged. These courses, however, would surely come in the ‘on demand’ category and hence would be liable to extra charges

Learn Spanish in Dominican Republic's Zona Colonial

Learn Spanish in Dominican Republic’s Zona Colonial