Santa Maria la Menor

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Orphanage Centro Roberto

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Palacio Nacional

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Santa Maria la Menor

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Hispaniola Spanish Language School

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Reloj del Sol

Sundial from the time of the Spanish Colony. It is a fine show in Plaza de España More »

An hidden secret in Dominican Republic. More »

One of the best beaches in Dominican Republic and in the world. More »


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brookhaven college

Brookhaven College

Hispaniola Academia Caribe de Lenguas, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic has established a relationship with Brookhaven College in Dallas, Texas as a Partner Language Institute so that students from Brookhaven and other colleges and universities can earn credits through their Multinational Academic Program (MAP), through which students can obtain transferable college credit by engaging in Spanish Language courses at Hispaniola Academia Caribe de Lenguas, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and also enrolling in Study Abroad/Individualized Distance Learning courses at Brookhaven College.

To obtain information about how to participate in the Multinational Academic Program (MAP), please send an email request to or follow this link to: MAP. Once you have received the program information, be sure to seek advance approval from your institution, since each district, college, or state has its own policies regarding the types of credit it will accept. In the meantime, do not delay to make your free application for admission to Brookhaven College by applying on-line at: Admissions and Registration
The Brookhaven College Registrar will determine your residency status for fee purposes based on the documents you supply.

Program Requirements:

There are minimum hours/weeks requirements for college credit for immersion language study experiences. That information, along with the costs associated with the program, is displayed in the chart below. In addition to the hours/weeks requirements, there are several other requirements that must be fulfilled in order for students to receive credit. At the end of the language program, the Partner Language Institute’s Academic Director will send a School Report to Brookhaven College containing some information regarding student performance in several areas. Together with a statement of how many classroom hours the student completed at the school, the Academic Director sends scores (a percentage, ranging from 0 to 100) reflecting the student’s achievement and performance for each of these areas:

1. Attendance

2. Participation and Oral Proficiency

3. Written Evaluation (tests, quizzes, homework)

In addition, each student needs to create and submit a Final Essay directly to Brookhaven College on or around the last class day at the Partner Language Institute. In the essay, students should describe their own personal study abroad experiences – discussions of the people, culture, language, environment, etc. of the fascinating country they have chosen to visit are all appropriate. The essay must be written in Spanish, typed double spaced, and at least one page in length for each study abroad course the student seeks credit for at Brookhaven College.