Santa Maria la Menor

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Santa Maria la Menor

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Hispaniola Spanish Language School

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Student’s duties and regulations

for apartment accommodation

1 .These rules are obligatory for everybody who stays inside the building.

2.The apartments are licensed only for the students of the school. Non-students can not be housed in these apartments.

3. Students only have right to the use of a single place/bed as well as the shared use of common space. It is strictly forbidden to admit persons without authorization by the school

4 . It is strictly forbidden to use a vacant bed or room in the apartment

5 .Only guests are allowed to enter the building if they are admitted by the school and after payment of the regular rent.

6 .It is strictly forbidden to invite any “just-made-friends” to enter the apartment

7.Anybody who enters the building without being registered by the school will be charged with the daily rent plus any damages. Sometimes they will be reported to the police.

8.As a courtesy to the neighbors please don’t make too much noise after 12.00 p.m. This means stereo, radio, TV and conversations only in room volume.

9.Any noise, danger, insane activity and/or anything that is contrary to moral, good sense and Dominican Law is forbidden.

10. Leave the common rooms clean and presentable and wash dishes after use

11.Please empty the garbage between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. every day. Place closed plastic bags on the left corner near the apartment (where other garbage bags are placed).

12.Don’t wake other flat mates after midnight when returning home

13.It is strictly forbidden to organize parties without the prior approval of all flat mates, neighbors and school.

14.The use or traffic of any kind of illegal drugs is strictly forbidden.

15.In case of loss of the keys, the administration will change locks, charging the client for the correspondent fee.

16.Report any damages or technical problems immediately to apartment administration (located first floor of the building) and to the school secretariat

17.Leave the apartment clean on departure

18.The occupants in common are responsible for harm and damage. The school is not responsible for articles of value leaved in the apartment.

19.The school is not responsible for anything clients leave inside the rooms.

20.The school reserves the right for itself to inspect the building to verify the respect of the rules.

21.The school reserves for itself the right to modify or change the policies, fix the prices, admit or kick out clients and/or client’s guests.

22.Guests who don’t abide by these rules will be kicked off, forfeit any and all rent or deposit monies and reported to the police

23.Settlement days: 4 days (including arrival day) time to ask for changes, if reasonable. After this time no changes are allowed for any reasons.

24.Validity: To remain in the apartment means acceptance of all the policies, no matter if signed or not.

25.Refunds: There are no refunds for any reasons at any time in any case.